Emma's Soap - Handmade in Devon, England, wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton no petroleum or mineral oil, no parabens or artificial fragrances or colours, no sls's or slr's no palm oil. Soap Eczema

Dish Gift Boxes

Handmade cold processed natural soap

Two bars of Emma's Soap, an Organic Cotton flannel and an Olive Wood Soap dish presented in a gift box. Ecological, Ethical, Sustainable Gifts.
Wrapped in organic fair trade cotton, all packaging is reusable or compostable - zero waste.
Organic Shea Butter Dish Gift Box

Organic Shea Butter Gift Box

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Organic Cocoa Butter Dish Gift Box

Organic Cocoa Butter Gift Box

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Jojoba Gift Dish Box

Jojoba Gift Box

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Rosehip Oil Dish Gift Box

Rosehip Gift Box

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Avocado Oil Dish Gift Box

Avocado Gift Box

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All ethically sustainable sourced.
Sustainable Olive, Beech or Bamboo.

Eco & Green Brand, Emma picks up Silver in the free From Gift Awards 2020

Judges' Assessment: Lots of little careful details were noted which are sustainable and ethical... bars are wrapped in organic Fair-trade cotton... sustainable olive-wood soap dish... ramie washcloth in crocheted nettle... gift box of 76% recycled card / 24% FCS-certified... all packaging can be reused or composted... a bamboo massage brush with coconut bristles... environmental sustainability seems to underpin every choice made by this brand, and it comes through clearly in their products.

Emma's Soap was shortlisted in 3 categories for Gift of the Year! The Complete Bar - in 'Design and craft' as well as 'Ethical Gift' and the entire range of soap!... in Beauty Bath & Spa, Design & Craft & Ethical Gift!