Emma's Soap - Handmade in Devon, England, wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton no petroleum or mineral oil, no parabens or artificial fragrances or colours, no sls's or slr's no palm oil. Soap Eczema

#01 - Choose your Base Oil

Emma's Soap is wrapped in Organic fair-trade cotton. A recyclable, reusable material that reduces the need to contribute to landfill waste.
The fabric is also part of the labelling! Here is how it works.

Emma has selected 5 base oils for their properties. See which type would suit your skin:

#02 - Choose your Scent

Emma only uses Essential oils which are stirred into the liquid soap allowing the fragrance to penetrate through the solid soap bar when set and cured. Emma has named her soap by the aromatherapy and medicinal properties from the essential oils they contain which can impact on your mood.

What is an essential oil? It is in fact the oil from the plant which contains the essence of the plants fragrance. Whilst essential oils are natural, their constituent contains allergens. If you suffer from allergies, it's important to know which allergens you need to avoid.


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